Themenliste 5/2019

In Brief
• The Big Bezos Divorce
• Sad Days in Seattle – Boeing
Costs Pile Up
• What You Shouldn’t Do
in a Job Interview

Moments in Business History
• The United Nations

• Finns and Swedes Debate
NATO Membership
• A Whole New Stream
• Raving about Riyadh
• Jumia – Gold Mine or Mirage?
• Killer Plastic
• Japan Jettisons High Heels
• Labour Force Woes Continue
for Women
• Fast Food Goes Vegetarian

Cover story 
• From Good to Great

Business Woman
• Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw – Recipe
for Success

Business Trends
• Red Rabbit – Bucking the Trend

• Mauritius – Paradise Island

Managing People
• Paul Martinelli – The Pittsburgh

Business Language 
•  Don’t Fear the Informal

At the End
• Influential People
• Book & Film Reviews


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