Themenliste 1/2014

In Brief
Meta Making Waves
Checking In for China

“Let Them Come to Berlin!”
Work Sharing: A German Secret Medicine

Red Cross Slams EU Situation

Majorca Ready to Move On
CD Format – Still Big in Japan
Taking Away the Profits?

Business profile
Melinda Gates – No Trophy Wife

Business Woman
Dilma Rousseff – Brazil`s Bulgarian Boss
The World`s Most Powerful Women

True Costs of an Internship
The New Trend of Trust Funds
An Unholy Alliance

Dood & Drink
Come Wine with Me

Health & Fitness
Yoga Gear – Getting (the right) Fit

Managing people
Business Talk: Selling
Guru Review: Spencer Johnson
George’s Short and Tall Tales
Skills Workshop: Managing Redundancy

Music to My Ears
How the Mighty Can Fall

Business Language
Language Test
Billy Bull: Posh Nosh

Readers’ corner
Ask Business English Magazin