Themenliste 1/2016

In Brief
Massive Mine Project Knocked Back
Protecting Your Assets

George’s Short and Tall Tales
The Latest Baby Boom

The Ups and Downs of the German Stock Exchange
Banking on Success

Gold’s Gym – Still Going Strong
Ford Mustang: Back from the Brink
The Old Side of New York

Cover story:
Heavy Lies the Crown:
Tim Cook and Apple


Business Profile
Subway’s Surge to the Top

Business Woman
Stephanie of Monaco
– the Free-spirited Princess

Business Trends
The Long and Short of Pop Economics
A Year of Transition in London

The Power of Numbers

Managing People
Flavour of the Month – A Short
History of Management Fads

Singapore – Beauty and Prosperity

The Walk of a Life Time

Business Language 
Business English Discussions
– A Special Anniversary Do
Language Test

Influential People
Book & Film Reviews