Themenliste 1/2017

In Brief
Robots with Heart
Diversity Is Good for Business

George’s Short and Tall Tales
Mind over Matter

Austria & Switzerland
On a Business High

Business to Benefit the Planet
Mile-High Mischief
Food Truckin’

Cover story
The Changing World of Viticulture

Business Profile
Jack Dorsey – Twitter's King
of Contradiction

Business Woman
Safra Catz – the Oracle Lioness

Business Trends
The Age of the SUV

White Hat Hackers: Making a Profit with Bug Bounties
The New Face of Money

The Other Korea – Well Worth a Visit

The Rise and Fall of
Telecommunication Titans
Handset Wars

Managing People
It Can Be Lonely at The Top
Guru Review: Shawn Achor
– the Happiness Man



Business Language 
Workplace Dialogues – In the Canteen
Language Test

Influential People
Book & Film Reviews