Themenliste 2/2017

In Brief
Capitalism: Reversible
Sexy Trucks?
Streaming Big Mouths
Embracing Ambiguity

George’s Short and Tall Tales
The Power of a Number Two

Martin Schulz: Trading Brussels for Berlin?

War of the Worlds: Western Businesses in China
Opening Up the Atlantic Trade Route
Hyped Up About Hyperloop One’

Cover story
10 Ways to Appear More Intelligent

Business Profile
From China With Love

Business Woman
Eileen Fisher - Simplicity Personified

Business Trends
Bizarre Business - When Stupid Is Smart

Scotch Whisky on the Rocks

Malaysian Melting Pot
Global Goliaths: the Top 10 Business
Travel Destinations

Picking Out the Pixel
Artificial Stupidity?

Managing People
Guru Review: Sean Gardner

Business Language 
Workplace Dialogues – the Meeting
Language Test

Influential People
Book & Film Reviews