Themenliste 2/2013

in brief
A Figure of Happiness
Hard Time for High Streets

Jolly Times for Germany

A Holy Alliance

Penguin in the House
The Diamond`s Decline
New Eating Habits in India
Budweiser – No Longer US Beer
Cashing In On Cold Callers

business profile
Michelle Obama – Who`s That Lady

business lifestyle
Must Have the Music

Picking Up the Brixton Pound

business skills
Keeping Employees Motivated
Perfect Partners
Frontline Innovation

managing people
The Guru Review: Bruce Dickinson
Parental Ambitions
Family Friendly Policies
Presenting in English
Room 101 – Slice and Dice
George`s Short and Tall Tales: No Smoke Without Fire

The Changing Face of Gaming

business language
Language Test
Billy Bull: The Chocolate Factory

readers` corner
Ask George – Restructuring Blues