Themenliste 3/2014

In Brief
A Shift in Power The Zuckerberg Files

German Immigration Challenges
for 2014 It`s only Fair

Bollywood Is Booming!
Emerald Isle – the New Silicon Valley?
Investing in Iraq
Fiat Goes Shopping
Amazonian Workers
Pussy Riot – Women in Protest

Cover story
Harassment in the Workplace: Still a Serious Problem

Business Woman
Hollywood`s Most Powerful Woman

Business Profile
Kalashnikov – a Mixed Legacy
Vincent Tan – a Tale of Bluebirds and Red Dragons

Celebrity Scents Make a Lot of Cents

Managing people
Guru Review: Henry Mintzberg
Skills Workshop: Invisible Coaching
George`s Short and Tall Tales: Bad PR

EvanTubeHD: A Seven-Year-Old`s Pot of Gold
The Hottest Technology

Business Language 
Language Test
Monika and the Disputed Rescue

Readers` corner
Letter to BEM