Themenliste 4/2014

In Brief
Battle of the Vodkas
Tracker Time

Export Six Appeal

Africa`s Economic Lion

Cover story
To Haven or Have Not?

Business Profile
The Bubble Tea Company Bursting with New Ideas
Thank God it`s Friday!

Loaded Artists
Bad Times for AOL Babies

Business Trends
The New Rise of Records
Is the Party Over for LinkedIn?

Managing People
Guru Review: Clayton Christensen
To Micro- or Macromanage – That Is the Question
Skills Workshop: Decision-making
George`s Short and Tall Tales: Fiddling the Figures

Taobao: China`s Online Store
Ever Considered Crowdsourcing?
The German Car Market Switches Lane

Business Language 
Language Test
Mighty Monika: A Radical Solution

Readers` corner
Letter to BEM