Themenliste 4/2017

In Brief
Getting Back to the Liberal Arts
It’s Plane... It’s a Helicopter... no, It’s a Car!
“Hey, Taxi…to the Top of the Burj Khalifa, Please!”
 Re-Visiting the Year 2000 – in the World of Mobile Phones, That Is

Moments in Business History
It All Started in a Garage

Tarnishing Brand Trump – Will Consumer Power Make Any Difference?
In Vitro Fertilisation: Assisting the March
to Later Child Rearing
Forever Young: Samumed’s Quest to Defy Time

Cover story
Rejuvenating Superfoods and Health Products

Business Profile
Flying High on Curated Chaos

Business Woman
Zhou Qunfei – China’s Lens Tycoon

Business Trends
Buying Your Clothing Online? You’re Not Alone

Wall Street’s Greatest Deals

Iran – an Unexpected Middle Eastern Jewel

Weird and Wacky Apps

Managing People
Guru Review: Kim and Mauborgne –
Blue Ocean Strategy
Reputation Matters

Business Language 
Workplace Dialogues
Language Test

Influential People
Book & Film Reviews