Themenliste 5/2014

In Brief
Greatest Corporate Get-together
Programmes for Pooches

Historic Getaways

Who Owns Scotland?
A Tiffin Revolution

Cover story
Warren Buffett - the Oracle of Omaha
Berkshire Hathaway: A `Compassionate` Conglomerate

Business Profile
Beiersdorf - A Smoothly Run Business

Business Woman
Lady Gaga – Not so Gaga

Business Trends
Why Celebrity Chefs Never Go Hungry

Rich List – 1914

Managing People
Guru Review: Seth Godin
The Gamification of Learning
Managing a Mobile Workforce
George`s Short and Tall Tales: An Unlikely European Marriage

Go West – The Pleasures of Portugal

Android Dreams

Business Language 
Language Test
Mighty Monika: Silence Is Golden

Readers` corner
Letter to BEM