Themenliste 5/2017

In Brief
Tesla’s Solar Surprise
The Big Bend in the Big Apple
Apple and Disney: A Match
Made in Heaven?

Moments in Business History
Germany’s First Bio Market

The Business of The Scream
LEGO: Rebuilding Its Profile

Cover story
World’s Richest Rock ‘n’ Rollers
The Music Must Go On...

Business Lifestyles
Is Your Job a Thankless Task?

Business Woman
Radiant Pioneer

Business Trends
Surviving the Dreaded Commute:
Carpooling and Beyond
How the Fairer Sex Fare

Giving a Little Back
The ‘Fifth’ Currency – here Comes the Yuan!

Poland: Poised for Success

Blogs to Bring Home the Bacon

Managing People
Revamping Your CV
Guru Review: Nathan Allen Pirtle
Intercultural Negotiations

Business Language 
Business English Dialogues
Language Test

Influential People
Book & Film Reviews