Themenliste 6/2013

In Brief
China`s New Milk Market
Business in the Blood?

Harnessing the Skills and Abilities of People Who Have Autism

French Restaurants Under Fire
Minsk City: China`s Entrance to the EU
The Cost of Living: a Time Bomb Ticking for Us All?
New York City FC – MLS`s New Superclub?

Business profile
Sheryl Sandberg – Queen of Silicon Valley

Business lifestyles
Negative Effects of Emails
Job Contacts for Ex-convicts

Bizarre Business
Eat it! A Surprising Sport

Business Woman
Indiana Angela and the Temple of Burberry
Women in the News – Double Fault
The Working Woman’s Wardrobe

Business Skills
Imagination – The Key to Financial Responsibility

The Rise of Qatar
Stateside Net Bets

Managing people
Guru Review: Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Corporate Social Responsibility – Hot Topic or Hot Air?
Business Talk: Agreeing and Disagreeing
Skills Workshop: Working Memory
George’s Short and Tall Tales: A Pythonesque Dispute

Time to Turn Off Technology
Using Cleanweb to Power a Green Revolution
Anyone for a Nerd?

Business Language
Language Test
Billy Bull: The Final Assault

Readers’ corner
Faced with a Facebook Dilemma