Themenliste 6/2015

In Brief
Texting while Walking
A Little Birdie Told Me

George’s Short and Tall Tales
That Takes the Biscuit

Ringing the Changes – Germany’s
Relationship with the Mobile Phone

Supermarket Wars: the Battle
to Fill Britain’s Fridges
Cuba: The Curio of the Caribbean
Showdown in Cyberspace:
Google and the European Union

Cover story:
San Francisco and Silicon Valley:
Still the Best for Business


Business Profile
General Electric
– Living the American Dream

Business Woman
Ellen Kullman: Scientifically Proven

Business Trends
Tel Aviv – the City of Start-ups
Company with a Social Conscience

Economic War Between Russia
and the West
Wise Tips for Newly-weds

Managing People
Guru Review: John Kotter
How to Build a Culture of Creativity

Danish Delights

The Death Knell of the Dumb Watch?
Short-lived Technologies

Business Language 
Everyday Workplace Conversations
Language Test

Influential People
Book & Film Reviews