Themenliste 6/2017

In Brief
An Amazonian Dream

Moments in Business History
Triumph at Tencent

Shale Gas – Friend or Foe?
Qatar’s Quagmire
The Magic of Coffee
We Have Three Years Left to Save the Earth
Arresting the Global Bee-pocalypse

Cover story
Cryptocurrencies – The Future of Money?

Business Lifestyles
Faltering Fashion – The Michael Kors Story

Business Woman
The Power of Women

Business Trends
Adults Doing Disney
Seeing Green in the Office
Profiting from Fidgets

Pakistan – A Perplexing Destination

Can Sales Calls Survive in the Digital
New Challenges for Nokia

Managing People
Guru Review: Daniel Levitin – A Great
Mind in Harmony

Business Language 
Dialogues – Ethical Conundrums
Language Test

Influential People
Book & Film Reviews