Themenliste 4/2013

In brief
Major Losses for Adidas
Working Is Plane Stupid

The Quandt Family Fortune
Frankfurt International Airport – an Industry Trendsetter

Economic Gap in Europe

American Express – From the Wild West to the Money Tree
Sheikh Goes Greek
Horsemeat Scandal Hits the States
OAPs Jeopardising Japan?
Mason Says Goodbye to Groupon

Business profile
Eastern Promises – Tycoons from the East
Business lifestyles
Getting Inside Insight Selling

Securing Cash Through Sport
Euro Ready for a Disaster

Managing people
Guru Review: Alan Greenspan
A Mixed Reception
Skills Workshop: Achieving Work-life Balance
Business Talk: Informal Chat

Bike Lane Benefits
Business language

Language Test
Billy Bull: Ship’s Cat Coup

Readers’ corner
Ask George: For How Long Should I Keep Subbing My Employee?