Themenliste 5/2013

Shaky Times for Single Currency
Google Leaps into Lending

Youth Unemployment: a German Approach

New Future for Royal Family

Garment Industry Disaster in Bangladesh
Global Healthcare Issues
To Nano or not to Nano
Thatcher: Opposing Opinions

Business profile
Yahoo’s New CEO: Will She Help Turn the Company Around?

Business lifestyles
QuikTrip: A Short Stop with Long-term Profits
A New Weigh to Fly

EU Introduces New Rules for Banks
California City Stays in Bankruptcy

Managing people
Guru Review: David Allen
Cyberloafing – A New Twist on an Ancient Art
Managing Dyslexic Employees
Skills Workshop: Developing Good Posture
Business Talk: Talking Turkey
George’s Short and Tall Tales: Overcommitted

Saudi’s New Stance on Skype?
Technology It Is A-Changing

Business Language
Language Test
Billy Bull: Brand Personality

Readers’ corner
Ask George: Family Man’s Dilemma